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CELPIP R-01 Part 1 Reading Correspondence

CELPIP Reading (ENG ver)

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In this article, we introduce “Part 1: Reading Correspondence”.

Part 1: Reading Correspondence

The contents of Part-1

Task 1

  • This is a “Reading Correspondence” based on a message addressed to an individual.
  • The topics are mostly things that happen in our daily lives, such as holidays, family trips, eating out at restaurants, parties, and events.

Task 2

  • This is a short “reading corresponding” by recipient to the sender’s message.
  • Basically, the reply is an explicit response to the sender’s message.
  • The replies sometimes contain new information that was not in the sender’s message.

Question Format

  • In Task 1, you will answer 6 questions.
  • In Task 2, you will answer 5 questions.
  • The question is a four-way question.
  • For each blank, there are four choices (words or phrases).


Read the following message.




Here is a response to the message.