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CELPIP L-05 Part-5 Listening to a Discussion

CELPIP Listening (ENG ver)

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In this article, we introduce “Part 5: Listening to a Discussion”.


Part 5: Listening to a Discussion

The contents of Part-5

Characters and Scenes

  • Characters 1: ”Two men and One woman”, or “One man and Two women”, for a three-person team.
  • Characters 2: This is often the case among colleagues at work or members of the same community.
  • Question: You will watch a movie of the three of them discussing, and then answer the questions.

Question Format

    • The Conversation consists only 1section.
    • You can watch to the Conversation only once.
    • The Discussing Time is between 2 minutes to 2 minutes  and 30 seconds.
    • After Discussion, there will be 5 four-way questions.
    • The answer choices can be sentence.
    • The answer choices are drop-down button style.
    • The time limit for answering all 5 questions is approximately 6 minutes.



Here is an example Question.

  • You will watch a discussion between three co-workers in a business office. They are talking about their work schedules.

Video Clip

On this site, we use illustrations to create a sample movie, however, you might watch a Live-Action Movie in the actual examination. (A short movie by three actors.)

Watch the discussion. You will watch the discussion only once. It is about 1.5 to 2 minutes long.